Oh so many little things……

……to talk about.  Today we tried a new church that is here in the town we live in.  We had been traveling 40+ miles south of us to go to church but found it was just too far away.  It is a very wonderful church but 45 min by interstate (especially with gas being so expensive) it is too far.   Anyway, the new church was very nice!  The people were warm, easy-going and smiled a lot.  No one was too pushy or anything like that.  With our family size we always get attention but the church didn’t make a big deal and embarrass us.   I really enjoyed the teaching and I think we will go back next Sunday. 

Rain!  Yes, yes, yes rain!!  I may seem a little dramatic but the drought is very bad here and any rain is good rain.  Several inches of rain is great rain.  This weekend has been great rain. 🙂

My Buff Orpington chicks are now 6 weeks old and I am going to be moving them out to the run as soon as it dries out outside.  They are getting quite a few real feathers on them.  They have had their wing and tail feathers for several weeks now.  They look so goofy!  Kind of like feather dusters that have been half plucked by a 4 year old. LOL  They are in that awkward stage with their necks and legs are really long.  They are beautiful gold chickens when they are adults but first they have an ugly stage to get through.  LOL

There is a break in the rain so I am going to pop out to check on the garden and on the chickens and ducks. 

All for His glory, ~Rhen


One response to “Oh so many little things……

  1. I understand the church thing. We found a GREAT church about 35 miles away, but the gas thing keeps us from calling it “home”. We keep trying churches closer to home, but we keep comparing them and they just don’t measure up. Too bad. I think I’ll encourage a church plant (-:. ~Karlie

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