Adventures in Dentist Land

We have now found a dentist.  Something I had yet to do in the past year since we moved back here to the south.  First I made the 5 kids with teeth (one w/ only 2 teeth is not old enough yet) appts for a check up and cleaning.  They all passed inspection with no cavities (all are cavity free!) and very little plaque.  Woo Hoo! 

Next came Mr. Muscles.  He had to have a check up and such.  They found a couple of cavities.  No big deal right?  Nope.  Wednesday he spent over 2 hours getting a root canal.  My poor hubby has a huge fear of dentists and doctors so this was very hard.  They gave hime some good drugs to relax him before his appt.  He liked them a lot better than the nitrous.  That stuff makes him feel horrible.   He still has to go back for a temporary crown and then one more time after that for his permanent crown.  Poor fella.  I will wait a little while to tell him he has 2 cavities yet to be filled.  Don’t want to overload him. 

Yesterday my 8 year old ds, Short Man, got braces on his top teeth.  The four adult teeth he has gotten in front didn’t have enough room and so they came in crooked.  The braces will be on for 9 months to straighten them out and give the other teeth room to come in.  He loves his braces!  They are not like they used to be at all.  I remember when it was a death sentence for a kid to get braces.  These things are very small and he just loves all the “goodies” he got to take care of them.  LOL  Hey, whatever makes him happy right?  Even if it is over $600.  At least he will have straight teeth and thank you Lord for monthly payments.

Ok, kids and hubby are either done or getting there so whose turn is it?  Mine.  I went in for a check up and they end of giving me a perio-cleaning.  I have had a deep cleaning so a regular cleaning is not an option.  My gums were sore for 2 days.  Not really painful but sore.  That makes momma a little grumpy.  I did notice that Mr. Muscles and youngin’s gave me a wide berth.  LOL  I still have one more appt coming up for a little cavity.  They said it won’t take long but it still needs to be taken care of.  I need my wisdom teeth out but that is going to have to wait until spring.  At 31 years old I think they can wait a few more months. 

The dentist really likes our family.  We are probably financing something special for them.  LOL  Thank you God for giving Mr. Muscles overtime opportunities!!  Amen

All for His glory, ~Rhen


3 responses to “Adventures in Dentist Land

  1. My kids think braces are so cool, none have them yet. I did the whole braces, headgear, rubber bands hanging out of my mouth, retainer thing and it just was NOT pretty.

    I love your blog title. I only have four kids but I still get asked that question. It’s always funny to see peoples reaction when you tell them, “No, I kidnapped a few of them.” No-one seems to laugh, go figure?!?


    ~By Rhen~ LOL It doesn’t matter where we go they ALWAYS ask. I am amazed at how many people can count to six! Can you hear the sarcasm? We aren’t even a big family, just medium sized! LOL

  2. I think that my husband alone has funded our dentists retirement. He didn’t go for 10 years and after nagging him for several years he finally went and spent the better part of 2 years in his chair. He still has to go every 3 months for cleanings.

  3. I’m hoping when poor MayMay gets her braces it will be as pleasant of an experience as your sons! I have a feeling with the expander and the herbst appliance might make it a bit more painful for her. But, Advil is our friend!

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